Saturday, March 11, 2023

SQL Accounting Latest Version (v829) Date : 09 March 2023


SQL Account 5.2022.953.829

Released on March 09, 2023
Release Notes
  • #6469: Asset reports prompt dynamic SQL error when filtered by asset group, agent, area
  • Fix Sample db load profile logo error
  • Database upgrade to version 191
  • #6455: Add Ref field to Customer and Supplier Bank Account datasets
  • Add Online Approval for access right
  • Add Online Approval message to access rights
  • SY_User add Mobile & OpenID_Google fields
  • Feature #6401: Points entry add Agent, Area and Project fields
  • Points Listing add Group/Sort By, Area, Agent, Project, Company Category fields and filtering
  • Sales Points entry add Area, Agent & Project fields
  • SL_PT add Area, Agent & Project fields
  • [GST-SG] Set SROVR tax code inactive and add DEPRECATED word to Description
  • Feature #6270: Sales & Purchase DN able to transfer from QT, SO & DO and transfer to CN & Extra DO
  • SL/PH document entries form (related to DN) add Debit Note document transfer actions
  • SL/PH DN Entry form support document transfer and rename existing master table FromDocNo to FromDoc
  • SL/PH DN tables add fields to support document transfer, add DeliveryDate field and rename existing master table FromDocNo to FromDoc
  • Feature #6467: SL/PH entries browse grid add 2nd Company Name column
  • Add Profit & Loss with Cash Flow (Amt Exclude Tax) format
  • Fixed GL Official Receipt - Detail - Full (with other CNnOR info) Label not correct
  • Update GL Ledger Level 1 - Only shown Summary total for Trade debtor & Creditor when not filter
  • Change Balance Sheet Comparison - Monthly (12 Months) to print as Single Page format
  • Increase width for Month & Year column for GL PnL - 13C1P-SinglePage
  • Add Sales Invoice & Cash Sales Collection Report
  • Fixed Customer & Supplier Listing ROC not correctly shown
  • Fixed Sales Invoice 7 (GST 1) - SG Currency & TaxRate not correctly shown
  • Fixed Stock Assembly-JO vs AS Variance Seq show big value
  • Support TikTok new payment file format
  • Fix Shopee failed to post credit note
  • Fix lPaymentAmt compares failed to work properly
  • Fix #6468: Auto Bank Recon - RHB Bank invalid numeric input
  • #6464: Document Transfer didn't prompt error message in target doc when transfer Qty is more than source doc with zero Qty
  • #6461: Cash Sales & Cash Purchase browse grid add Payment Project column
  • Add sum footer to Lazada and Shopee payment's grid columns footer
  • Add Delete Posted SKU option
  • Document Entries add Audit Trail log for Override Credit Control
  • #6458: AR/AP Payment, CN & Contra entry form upon save will check to make sure update AR/AP IV & DN Payment Amount is not negative
  • Feature #6459: Add Analysis Data Integrity - Update AR/AP Invoice/Debit Note Outstanding Amount
  • #6457: GL Trial Balance Period To Date column incorrect when Opening in CR & YTD in DR
  • #6456: Cash Flow Forcast form UI adjustment
  • #6453: Stock Analysis By Doc apply prompt integer overflow error
  • #6451: Profit Estimator - Change Label Use Actual Cost to Use Actual On-Hand Cost
  • #6446: Sales PnL by Doc - UnitPrice should divide by Base Qty
  • #6449: Supplier CN & DN entry forms button rename caption to New CN & New DN
  • #6424: Stock Card main grid add Qty column
  • #6443: Maintain Stock Item become not responding when save after Copy from Item A and Paste into existing Item Code (which Customer Price has 192 records)
  • #6430: Enable web-style row selection for grid view on "Bad Debt Relief" form
  • #6435: Sales Order unable to change document date by pressing ENTER to the next field

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

SQL Accounting Latest Version (v828) Date : 30 Jan 2023


SQL Account 5.2022.951.828

Released on January 30, 2023
Release Notes
  • Fix Shopee failed to create sales credit note for refund order
  • Include store ID in generated Lazada payment reference ID
  • Fix EasyStore does not include shipping fee, item discount, and transaction fee in sales invoice
  • #6429: Supplier payment with invalid bank account allowed to save
  • #6431: Customer payment unable to unchecked knockoff service tax invoice after process draft SST return
  • #6423: GL Ledger report grid do not save last used layout
  • #6428: GL Ledger Group by Project - Balance incorrect if untick Include zero closing balance
  • #6413: Maintain Customer Credit Control unable to tick multiple document types when choose Chinese language
  • #6414: Form Mode Filter By Agent cannot work if use "Transfer To"

Friday, January 6, 2023

SQL Accounting Latest Version (v827) Date: 31/12/2022


SQL Account 5.2022.949.827

Released on December 31, 2022
Release Notes
  • Add GL Trial Balance - This Month vs This Year with Opening format
  • Fixed Report Seq field show big figure
  • [GST-SG] #6410: SL/PH Document Entry Tax amount not calculated after transfered from other document between GST Transition Period 7% & 8% different tax rate
  • #6400: Not allow delete past depreciation if asset item is disposed on future date
  • Feature #6390: GL Trial Balance add Opening Balance & Period to Date column
  • #6404: Tools | Option | GL | Conversion Date prompt Access Violation when exit application if error occurred when save option
  • #6405: License Module "Special Aging" replaced by "Project Profit & Loss with Cash Flow"
  • #6394: Maintain Price Tag enable DIY Fields
  • #6402 Auto Bank Recon - OCBC Bank unable to load amount when balance overdraft
  • Feature #6403: GL P&L and Balance Sheet report Project Comparison tree list add header built-in menu, columns filtering and Find Panel
  • #6399: Alert user when try to save asset disposal record if asset depreciation is not processed up to dispose date
  • Change asset disposal date doesn't refresh accum depreciation
  • #6397: GL Trial Balance - Year To Date Retained Earning B/F incorrect when Start Date is not 1st day of month
  • #6398: Supplier Bills & Payment Analysis report grid enable multi select
  • #6396: Maintain Stock Value should remain when Clone DB for Master Data Only
  • #6391: Customer Analysis By Document report when filter grid column > 0 some zero value records still show
  • #6317: Show "New Taxable" button on past invoice

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

SQL Accounting Latest Version (v826) Date : 10 Dec 2022


SQL Account 5.2022.948.826

Released on December 10, 2022
Release Notes
  • Account Inquiry adjust the aging grid height
  • Database upgrade to version 190
  • [GST-SG] Support seamless filing for SG GST Return F5 & F8 submission via API
  • Add GST F5 Return-2023 format
  • Maintain User add Phone field
  • Fixed PO unit price display format not follow tools | options
  • Fixed Stock Analysis By Document - Level 1 sometime hang due to summary hight
  • Remove Voucher from Item Discount for Sales P&L By Doc - eCommerce reports
  • Fixed #6275 OR not auto select when WhatsApp
  • Add Yearly Depreciation - Group By Level 1 format
  • Fixed Seq big number for Report format with (Tax 1)
  • Fixed Asset Analysis BF not correct
  • Fixed Stock Item List Query error
  • Add Asset Disposal Listing & Asset Card (with Schedule Depreciation) report
  • Add New report format for New feature 6326
  • Enable Batch email for Cash Sales Format
  • Add Summary total for Trade debtor & Creditor for GL Ledger Level 1
  • Fixed GL Payment Voucher - Detail - Full (with other SCnPV info) display format error
  • Post TikTok credit note from payment when escrow amount is 0 and no credit note is posted for order
  • Show Lazada order with status "confirmed" under status "delivered"
  • Support TikTok V2 authorization API
  • Fix EasyStore missing order item's ID
  • Check EasyStore's customer's phone number is null or not
  • Remove empty spaces in EasyStore SKU and variant ID
  • Fix Shopee not including shipping variance in credit note
  • Fix Lazada payment added marketing fee as voucher
  • Fix TikTok UpdateDate displayed incorrectly
  • Fix Shopee return refund variance calculation
  • Shopee remove Shopee coin from refund amount calculation
  • Shopee try refresh token during get or post request when invalid access token error is received
  • Fix Lazada does not include items that's free in print order
  • #6384: SL/PH Cancelled Document not allow Transfer To Others Document
  • #6381: Fix SL & PH Document Entries UI controls at top right position not align neatly
  • Stock Available Balance change IDockSiteView.SetOnDockClientClose
  • #6325: Auto Bank Recon - UOB New Statement Format
  • #6370: Auto Bank Recon - AMBANK New Statement Format
  • Feature #6380: AR/AP Deposit Refund Entry allow COM access to set Doc No
  • #6375: Maintain Stock Item delete first record in Customer Price (that contain 3 records) cause incorrect record sequence
  • #6298: Job Order Browse Grid add Remark, Line Supervisor and Production Info columns
  • #6352: Fix location DIY Field unable to view from Browsing Screen
  • #6377: Asset item allow project rate lower than 100%
  • Feature #6376: Add Asset code auto running
  • #6373: Unable to load default or last used layout for Supplier Payment KnockOff Grid
  • #6374: Production Outstanding JO & SO negative outstanding balance (over transfered) should treat as fulfilled item
  • #6299: Auto Bank Recon Alliance Bank - Unable to load complete bank statement
  • #6368: SL/PH Document Entry Currency Rate should follow periodic currency rate if using copy and paste document
  • Feature #6326: Add GL Project Profit & Loss with Cash Flow report
  • #6364: Unable to process depreciation without fill in fixed asset acquire date
  • #6360: Document Entry Detail first record Seq shouldn't been changed when user delete second record

Thursday, November 17, 2022

SQL Accounting Latest Version (v825) Date : 11/11/2022


SQL Account 5.2022.947.825

Released on November 11, 2022
Release Notes
  • Add Asset Label 80mm X 45mm format
  • Reduce Lazada fetch order limit from 100 to 50
  • #6363: AR/AP Analysis by Document report's Payment column should be no value if the payment and bounce date are fall in the same date range.
  • Lazada combine "Other Services-Marketing Fees" and "Wrong Weight Adjustment" record into single order's payment
  • Fix Stock Take IsValid batch number check doesn't check for batch number with no item code bind to it
  • Lazada change payment form voucher column value type to FMTBcd
  • Fix Shopee transfer sales invoice to credit note raised transferred quantity is greater than balance quantity
  • Fix transfer sales invoice using wrong IVDTLKey value when transferring item from sales invoice
  • Allow non stock item in Shopee sales order to be transferred to sales invoice
  • Fix AddToCart export stock JSON file prompt exception when description is empty.
  • Fixed Tax & TaxRate Grouping Summary not correctly group if have mixture empty & null data
  • #6351: AP/AR Fast Entry prompt invalid class typecast error
  • #6356: Incorrect decimal place on stock card grid
  • #6353: SL/PH document entries transfer from other document the SubTotal will be incorrect if user modify SubTotal in the source document
  • GL Account Entry should check if the deleted bank/cash account's parent is not root account before add the parent account to payment method
  • #6347: Stock Item Assembly Detail UOM lookup's Cost column should hide if user no right to View Cost
  • #6349: Audit Trail Summary open form slow when data is large
  • #6340: Customer Payment unable to back to Browse if using Tab docking & Form Mode with Split Browse & Detail Option

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

SQL Accounting Latest Version (v824) Date : 28/10/2022


SQL Account 5.2022.946.824

Released on October 28, 2022
Release Notes
  • Add Asset Opening vs GL Maintain Opening Balance format
  • Add Remark1,Remark2, Description2 and StockGroup Fields for MergeItemCode pipeline for Sales & Purchase Data Entry format
  • Fixed GL Ledger - Detail Reports 2nd Description not correct shown
  • #6343: Asset analysis report depreciation summary doesn't filter by trans date
  • Fix Shopee return refund variance and reverse shipping fee calculation for partial refund credit note
  • Accept Shopee return details with status ACCEPTED instead of just REFUND_PAID status is allowed
  • Add stock item's remark 1 and 2 fields to Stock Take import JSON file
  • Remove Lazada transaction records that does not contain paid status
  • #6339: Unable to save after paste an asset item already disposed
  • #6337: Process Date does not follow Date To on Process Depreciation window
  • #6342: Accum depreciation account wrongly posted in JV if process depreciation group by project only
  • #6285: GL Cash Book, AR/AP Payment, Refund & Deposit Listing include bounced document and show as red color in report grid
  • Feature #6338: Add AcquireDate field to Yearly Depreciation, Asset Analysis reports
  • #6288: Journal Entry - Show label out of balance if not tally
  • #6329: GL Profit & Loss Statement allow to print opening balance 1 day before System Conversion Date
  • #5480: Stock Assembly's Show in Tree Mode dialog OK & Cancel buttons misaligned when resize the form
  • #6332: Supplier payment unchecked knockoff invoice prompt "Dynamic SQL error"
  • #6330: AR/AP Deposit Refund & Forfeit's Agent & Area should follow Maintain Customer/Supplier by default

Friday, October 28, 2022

SQL Accounting Latest Version (v823) Date : 19/10/2022


SQL Account 5.2022.945.823

Released on October 19, 2022
Release Notes
  • #6328: Document Entries prompt invalid value for field "Seq" error when insert more than 32 detail records
  • Fixed Stock Assembly-JO vs AS Variance format the variance % value to returns as 100% if JO qty is zero
  • Add Security Deposit Amt for Supp Statement 06 & 12 Mths 1 format
  • #6296: SL/PH Doc Entries search From Doc No in detail grid's filter row raise error
  • #6274: Stock Item Assembly disable the transfer from Job Order in browse mode
  • #6323: Stock Analysis By Document report's grouping tick Stock Group prompt error "Field Item Code Not Found"
  • Lazada payment should exclude balance transactions amount into transaction details
  • #6308: User can cancel customer credit note knockoff invoice contains SV although knockoff tax date already processed
  • #6320: Incorrect value for SQty in print outstanding production job order listing report
  • Fix TikTok does not include shipping fee in credit note for full refund order.
  • Fix Lazada does not open credit note for marketing fee payment
  • Fix TikTok combine payment information doesn't sum up fields value
  • Support Shopee payment file in Thai language
  • Fix TikTok shipping fee not included in adjusted credit note
  • Fix TikTok credit note does not include discounted shipping fee by platform
  • Add applied Shopee coin amount per order item for partial refund calculation
  • Fix Shopee not applying shipping fee to order and fix refund variance calculation for partial refund order
  • Fix fetch product show incorrect item code when similar SKU is used across multiple item code
  • Remove buyer ship from Shopee shipping calculation and fix Shopee partial refund posted incorrect invoice and credit note.
  • Prevent Shopee payment form from editing invoice and credit note
  • Fix Shopee refund order with negative escrow amount failed to post invoice and credit note
  • Fix TikTok sent empty array to API server
  • Fix TikTok doesn't fetch all products
  • Database upgrade to version 189
  • Fixed Check Different Between Ledger vs Aging should exclude cancelled document
  • Fixed Shown unknown value when company Logo empy for GL Official Receipt - Detail - Full report
  • Update GL Multi - Ledger - Detail - Level 1 show Currency Data if have mix currency
  • Add Fixed Asset module
  • Add report templates
  • Add license module - Fixed Asset
  • Add Asset Disposal data entry
  • Add Open Depreciation window
  • Add Depreciation Listing report
  • Add Process Depreciation window
  • Add Depreciation Processor
  • Add Asset Analysis report
  • Add Yearly Depreciation report
  • Add Asset Item data entry
  • Add Asset Group data entry
  • Add Asset module tables
  • Fix Multiple audit trail records posted after create a new stock batch record with detail batch item
  • Feature #5927: Maintain Item's BOM grid add move up & down buttons
  • Feature #6266: GL Cash Book, AR/AP Payment, Refund, Deposit, SL/PH Order, Cash Sales and Cash Purchase add BankChargeAccount fields
  • Add BankChargeAccount field to report form
  • Add change BankChargeAccount dialog to ui form
  • Add BankChargeAccount field to data module
  • GL_CB, AR/AP Payment, Refund, Deposit, SL/PH Order, Cash Sales and Cash Purchase add BankChargeAccount fields
  • #6315: All report grids enable Filter Row except Stock Card
  • #5951: Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window if split browse & detail window have ticked in form mode
  • #6006: SL/PH Doc Entries should clear Discount last memorized value when user edit any existing doc entry
  • #6318: Auto Bank Recon CIMB Bank empty result
  • #5142: Add Landing Cost with Currency Symbol
  • #6319: Exclude Deposit Account in Cash Sales Payment method
  • Feature #6292: Document Entry grids add Insert Row Above & Insert Row After options in context menu
  • Maintain Item - Adjust buttons position
  • #6314: Sales PnL S/N by Document report & Sales Profit Estimator S/N Cost are incorrect if a serial number has more In/Out transactions (e.g stock transfer or CN)
  • #6307: Apply P&L Statement with ledger information raise Error : conversion error from string "C1"
  • Feature #6206: Barcode (F8) Form add search item by serial number for stock qty out documents
  • Fix AR/AP Deposit Refund form label font height to default settings

Monday, October 3, 2022

SQL Accounting Latest Version (v822) Date : 22/09/2022


SQL Account 5.2022.942.822

Released on September 22, 2022
Release Notes
  • Fix Lazada combined different date marketing fees.
  • Verify transaction by matching released amount to avoid mixing transaction from different account
  • Fix Lazada failed delivery order not canceled after shipped back to seller.
  • Fix Shopee failed to knockoff order's credit note without invoice.
  • Fix Shopee not posting credit note when escrow amount is negative and order is not canceled or returned.
  • Fix Shopee showing incorrect discount value.
  • Fix Lazada not showing expired token message.
  • Fix Shopee fetch cancelled order by buyer show logistic.error_param exception
  • Add Customer Listing - Credit Control format
  • Fixed GL OR & PV Amount not Including TaxAmt
  • Fixed OR & PV batch print for RTM format not correct shown Amount
  • Add Supp Local - Deposit Listing - Level 1 - Tally with Balance Sheet format
  • #6297: Stock Analysis By Document add RefPrice & RefCost grid columns
  • Feature #6291: ComObject add PlainTextToRichText & RichTextToPlainText function
  • #6262: GL Bank Reconciliation should use Debit(Net) column for auto bank recon if Merge Bank Charges is ticked
  • #6287: GL P&L Statement prompt access violation when filter by project with Ledger Information
  • #6284: Sales Invoice Tax "SR" ledger posting is missing when user edit document date that fall in year 2022 which is not GST era
  • [GST-SG] #6280: Open Sales Invoice raise Access violation error after start Singapore GST. Revise Company Profile Peppol APIKey & Secret editing issue
  • #6283: GL Profit & Loss Print Project comparison prompt error "List index out of ranged" if Project parent nodes have repeated same value
  • #6276: Run Repost Stock Transactions prompt arithmetic numeric overflow exception error
  • #6300: Fix Maintain Project Range Editor btnMoveUp & btnMoveDown icon and on click error

Thursday, September 8, 2022

SQL Accounting Latest Version (v821) Date : 30/08/2022


SQL Account 5.2022.940.821

Released on August 30, 2022
Release Notes
  • Database upgrade to version 188
  • Fixed SST-02 (2020) 13(3)(i) Description not fully shown
  • Fixed SST Listing 4-DST-02 (2020) preview error
  • Fixed GL PnL - Comparison format Column 1 header not consistent & add Custom_Header & Use_Year_Info functions
  • Fixed GL BS - Comparison format Column 1 header not consistent & add Custom_Header & Use_Year_Info functions
  • Add SerialNumber List for Merge Same Itemcode for Purchase Invoice, DN, CN, GRN & Cash Purchase
  • Add SerialNumber List for Merge Same Itemcode for Sales Invoice, DN, CN, DO & Cash Sales
  • Fixed GL PV Report Amount Incorrect Shown if Company is Foreign Currency
  • Fixed GL OR Report Amount Incorrect Shown if Company is Foreign Currency
  • Add Peppol SG export and import
  • User can set or change company profile country except GST or SST is started
  • Feature #3366: Increase DocNo, Ref & DocRef fields length to 40 characters
  • Data modules increase Ref/DocRef fields length from 25 to 40 characters
  • Data modules and logic increase DocNo field length from 20 to 40 characters
  • Increase D_DocRef field length from 25 to 40 characters
  • Increase D_DocNo field length from 20 to 40 characters
  • Feature #6265: Stock BOM Listing report add Detail Batch lookup
  • #6271: Maintain Location support DIY Field
  • Fix Shopee escrow amount negative unable post as cancelled invoice
  • Fix Shopee customer refund shouldn't have unapplied amount
  • Fix Shopee incorrect shipping Fee, should be bundle discount
  • Fix Lazada fetch product raise access violation
  • Shopee load payment error total amount is less than payment amount
  • Fix Shopee order did not show cancel reasons
  • Fix Auto Bank Recon Maybank empty result
  • Fix Shopee load payment error missing dataset property
  • Fix item code and leading description not shown in credit note.
  • Fix Lazada payment amount cannot less than or equal to zero.
  • Fix Woocommerce order mapping item will prompt access violation
  • Fix tiktok payment new excel file format
  • Fix Shopee payment did not amend IV and CN if release amount < 0
  • Revise Shopee order refund variance description from Shipping Fee to Return Refund Variance
  • Revise Shopee retry fetching to show appropriate error message
  • Feature: Shopee able to batch enable and disable accounts
  • eCommerce order should show "Posted" when user post posted orders again
  • Feature #6245: Journal entry prompt error message to show amount not balance
  • Feature #6097: Show Last Doc Information by Company
  • #6242: GL Bank Reconciliation - Mark All and Highlighted not update Balance Figure
  • #6257: Unable to shown Full in Category Code in Maintain Item
  • #6255: Fix Customer & Supplier Deposit some UI not fully shown
  • #6247: Maintain Opening Balance - change message Account Not Balance to Out of Balance
  • #6176 Auto Bank Recon - Add CIMB BizChannel format
  • #6150 Auto Bank Recon - AMBANK New Statement Format
  • #6268: Maintain Customer running code format if contain fixed numeric char will cause the code keep increasing digits
  • #6269: Tools | Options | Misc | Show Document Project by default ticked for new database
  • Feature #2421: BOM Planner report add JO Qty & Avail Qty columns
  • #6172: AR/AP Bill & Collection/Payment report add Option Show in Foreign Currency
  • #6264: GL Bank Recon prompt confirmation message when user click Clear All
  • #6225: AR & AP Aging Report - Move the position of the Apply button
  • Feature #6256: AR/AP Deposit master data support DIY Field
  • Stock Take json file add customer/supplier items
  • #6118: Maintain Stock Item BOM's Batch column will be truncated if length exceed 20
  • Feature #6219: Analyst Data Integrity - Unticked SQL Control Center
  • Feature #6248: GL Account Lookup enable New label
  • #6252: AR/AP Invoice Fast Entry button enabled state should follow New Button
  • #6258: Customer & Supplier Currency Code should not allow to change if any tables have transactions reference to it
  • #6263: Customer Due Listing - TaxAmt for CN should be in negative value
  • #6261: Maintain GL Account should remove new parent deposit account in Maintain Payment Method when drag child account under it
  • #5770: Unable to perform transfer from document using region format (Indonesia)
  • #6260: Stock Month End Balance report Unit Cost Display format not correct
  • Feature #6240: Customer/Supplier Balance Report - Add Sort & Filter by Control Account
  • #6250: GL PnL & Balance Sheet reports add missing options in parameter dataset
  • #6254: Maintain GL Opening Balance remove Open Deposit entry button

Monday, August 29, 2022

SQL Accounting Latest Version (v820) Date : 03/08/2022


SQL Account 5.2022.939.820

Released on August 3, 2022
Release Notes
  • Fixed GL Local - Ledger - Level 1-SSTDeferred error when DocType is JE & OR
  • Fixed GL Opening Balance not fully shown amount
  • Fixed Cust Local - Due Document Listing - Outstanding Service Tax Linking detail not correct
  • Fix Shopee product fetch item id is not found error
  • Revise Lazada payment on fetching marketing fee from API
  • Fix: Shopee V2 account linking
  • Fix Shopee order wrong tracking no
  • Fix Shopee order status PROCESSED should be status READY TO SHIP
  • Revise Shopee order posting to include Product Discount Rebate from Shopee and Voucher
  • Revise Tiktok payment to post adjustment
  • Fix Tiktok order wrong shipping fee
  • Com objects BizApp's FindKeyByRef support multiple References